This Awesomely Blacked-Out Swiss Army Knife Is As Striking As It Is Functional


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The dated aesthetic of the red pocketknife gifted to just about every boy in America just got a major upgrade in the Swiza Allblack Swiss Army knife.&

Every component of this sleek multi-tool is is coated in durable matte black& polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), meaning it will easily withstand the elements while looking positively badass.&

Aside from a lockable 75 mm blade forged from rust-free 440 steel, it's grip also conceals a corkscrew, punch and awl, tweezers and wire bender, plus a bottle opener and can opener equipped with No. 3 and No. 1 flat-head screwdrivers, respectively.

Purchase the sickest Swiss Army knife around for $71 through Swiza's website now. &

h/t: Hi Consumption&