The World Wants Eminem and Kid Rock to Rap Battle for Michigan Senate Seat


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Eminem let his fans know how he feels about America's current political climate with a fiery 4.5-minute freestyle& that dropped Tuesday night. Now, they want him to run for office.&

More specifically, they want him to run against Kid Rock for a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan.&

It makes sense, sort of. We've heard rumblings for some time now that Rock—a diehard Trump supporter—is seriously considering running.& Their diametrically opposed political stances would surely make it interesting.&

And since they're both Detroit rappers with zero experience in politics, it only makes sense that they duke it out 8 Mile-style with an epic rap battle for the ages.&

The "Batwitdaba" singer would likely get demolished by the self-proclaimed "Rap God" in a freestyle battle, but both have their supporters.& &

Are you #TeamRock or #TeamEm?&

h/t: Fox News