Lindsey Pelas Bouncing in Nothing but Beads Will Get You in the Mardi Gras Spirit


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Our hunch was correct—Lindsey Pelas is the star of "food porn" curator Chris Applebaum's latest trio of sexy videos.&

We might have surmised the Mardis Gras theme, too, as the buxom Instababe is originally from Louisiana.&

Needless to say, this isn't the first time she's worn a beaded necklace and let loose on Fat Tuesday. However, this might be the first time she's worn only a beaded necklace.&

Since this is an EATS installment, Pelas co-stars alongside some festive food. She and a beignet—that's a French fried dough, for the uninformed—look absolutely delicious covered in a liberal coat of powdered sugar.&

You can't have a proper Mardi Gras party without cake. After a thorough—and oddly sensual—taste test, the smoldering social media star digs in.&

Enjoy more Fat Tuesday indulgences in the form of Pelas' hottest recent Instagram photos below:&