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Tech / TechCrunch - 4 weeks ago

MoviePass says it will start acquiring movies, too

& On the heels of hitting a 1.5 million subscriber milestone and bringing on a new marketing chief, the subscription service for watching movies in theaters, MoviePass, today announced it’s going to start buying movies, too. The company says it...

Tech / TechCrunch - 4 weeks ago

Moritz sabotages Sequoia, again

& Michael Moritz is legendary for many of the investments he has led throughout his long career with the venture firm Sequoia Capital. But Moritz has placed a target on Sequoia’s back — again — by publishing a controversial opinion...

Tech / TechCrunch - 4 weeks ago

Education technology is a global opportunity

& Education used to be simple: there was a blackboard, a teacher and desks in a classroom. Today, a student can practice English online, upload homework through a portal and learn chemistry through 3D immersion — such is the rise of educational...