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Tech / TechCrunch - 3 weeks ago

TechStars alums will now get discounted WeWork space

& WeWork and Techstars are buddying up, the organizations announced today. Techstars, the global accelerator program responsible for companies like ClassPass, Sphero and Digital Ocean, will be bringing its program into the WeWork community by running...

Tech / TechCrunch - 3 weeks ago

Convargo grabs $19 million to improve road freight

& French startup Convargo is a marketplace for shippers and carriers so that you can find a truck and send goods across France more efficiently. The startup just raised a $19 million Series A round led by Inventure Partners and Earlybird. Tony Fadell...

Tech / TechCrunch - 3 weeks ago

Watch brand Nomos thinks only men are ‘at work’

& As TechCrunch’s resident watch lover I enjoy a view on markets outside of the typical consumer electronics dreck. I get to see beautiful pieces hand-built by true artisans, historical pieces that pay homage to past glory, and sexist watch com...