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Tech / TechCrunch - 3 weeks ago

Tonight is a new dating app optimized for real dates

& What if a dating app was focused on enabling real dates, rather than chatting? Whim founder Eve Peters said the idea appealed to users, but Whim also asked you to identify the days you’d be available. So Peters and her team have launched a ne...

Tech / TechCrunch - 3 weeks ago

Where venture capital has peaked

& “Peak startup” is a phrase that no doubt strikes terror in the hearts of entrepreneurs and startup investors alike. But saying “peak startup” is not the same as saying that the market is at the very height of a bubble. Peak...

Tech / TechCrunch - 3 weeks ago

Uber introduces a credit card

& Uber is getting into the credit card business. Announced today in partnership with Barclays and Visa at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas, the new card gives Uber yet another point of access to incredibly valuable customer information and marks...