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Tech / TechCrunch - 1 day ago

Google News gets a fresh coat of paint

& After years of sticking with essentially the same design, nobody was going to accuse Google News of looking modern. While the rest of the company’s portfolio received major facelifts in recent years, Google News started looking a bit neglecte...

Tech / TechCrunch - 1 day ago

Credit Karma touts $500 million in revenues

& It turns out that you can make a lot of money by giving stuff away for free. That’s the lesson from Credit Karma, which today is announcing that it’s running its business profitably after earning $500 million in revenues last year. Read...

Tech / TechCrunch - 1 day ago

Dating apps are embracing video

& Dating apps are, in their own way, a form of social networking – especially as they expand into new areas like friend-finding or professional networking. So it only makes sense that they would adopt video as well, given the growing popularity...