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News / Salon - 12 hours ago

The night they busted Stonewall

"Street kids" who were the first to fight with the police at Stonewall ON Sunday, June 29, 1969 (Credit: WikiMedia) June 28, 1969, was just another night in New York City. I had graduated from West Point only a few weeks earlier and was spending my...

News / Salon - 13 hours ago

Senate panel to review Comey memos

James Comey (Credit: AP/Mike Groll) The Senate Intelligence Committee will have the opportunity to see the memos penned by fired FBI Director James Comey detailing his conversations with President Donald Trump, Sen. Richard Burr R-N.C. told Politi...

News / Sputnik News - 13 hours ago

China Holds Deep-Fried Insect Eating Contest

A deep-fried insect eating competition—including bamboo worms, dragonflies, and silkworms—held on June 25 in the scenic area of Lijiang in southwest China’s Yunnan province caught people’s eyes, China News reported.