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What are the 'Ingredients' of a New Cold War?

The US has announced plans to modernize its nuclear weapons, including those deployed in Europe, as well as initiated exercises in Europe on nuclear weapons safety procedures and violating arms control procedures. These factors seem to signify that t...

News / Sputnik News - 4 hours ago

Scholar: NATO-Turkey Row is Merely Saber-Rattling

Ahmet Erdi Ozturk, a research assistant at the University of Strasbourg, told Radio Sputnik that the recent row between NATO and Turkey, which erupted after the scandal at the Trident Javelin drills in Norway, is unlikely to have any far-reaching con...

News / Sputnik News - 4 hours ago

'Breaking' News

Google billionaire Eric Schmidt has announced that the search engine will come up with new algorithms that will make it harder for articles from Sputnik News and RT to appear on the Google News service.