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Man / Mens Journal - 1 week ago

Why One Ex-Budweiser Exec Is Investing in Weed

Chris Burggraeve has traded his hops for pots. The former head of marketing for Budweiser has made investments in the marijuana space, which he believes is the future of the adult consumption market. In conversation with the Chicago Tribune, he outl...

Man / maxim - 1 week ago

This High-Powered Slingshot Can Also Open a Beer

This awesome bottle-opening slingshot is a decidedly adult upgrade of one of our favorite childhood toys/slash/weapons.From Albuquerque knife designer Lucas Burnley, the BRNLY SlingPop combines the dangerous, potentially eye-maiming fun of a tactical...

Man / Mens Journal - 1 week ago

Your Curved Penis May Mean a Higher Cancer Risk

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. The shape however, could mean you're at a higher risk for a number of cancers. According to Mel, a new study in American Society for Reproductive Medicine shows that the over one million men who suffer from Peyr...