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Man / maxim - 4 weeks ago

Step Into the Future With Adidas Futurecraft 4D Sneakers

(Photo: Adidas)In April, Adidas proclaimed it would usher in the future of footwear—by producing 3D-printed sneakers for the masses. The technology, it said, could eventually be used to construct sneakers tailored to each customer's feet, allowing fo...

Man / maxim - 4 weeks ago

What a Beautiful Girl Wants: April Rose

(Photo: Brian B Hayes/Shandrew PR)April Rose hasn't left our minds since she won our Hometown Hotties contest back in 2008.The Chicago native has remained on her grind ever since, hosting a radio show in Chicago as "The Loop Rock Girl," appearing in...

Man / maxim - 4 weeks ago

Happy Hawaiians Flocked To Pornhub After Fake Missile Alert

(Getty)If you suddenly got an incredibly scary ballistic missile warning like Hawaii did last week, and the crushing realization that you’re probably about to die sets in, what would you do?Like everyone in Hawaii, you’d probably drop whatever you’re...