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Health / Health-Time - 2 weeks ago

Autism Rates Have Stabilized in U.S. Children

Rates of autism spectrum disorder among children in the U.S. remained stable from 2014 to 2016, according to new research—a change from previous studies that found steady increases over the past two decades. The new research letter, published...

Health / Health-Time - 2 weeks ago

10 Simple Ways to Actually Enjoy Running

Though he’s now a pro trail runner—a two-time national champion, in fact—David Roche didn’t naturally love the sport. “I will always remember my first run when I went out the door, got 200 yards, and had to stop becaus...

Health / Health-Time - 3 weeks ago

Weekend Recipe: Sweet Potato Hash

There is something so comforting about eating sweet potatoes. I regularly make this hash as a warm 30-minute meal when the weather is cold outside and I need that extra bit of nourishment. This is a particularly good recipe that can be enjoyed as a...