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Health / Health-Time - 2 weeks ago

Why Are So Many Mothers Dying in Texas?

The number of women who are dying during pregnancy, or soon after giving birth, has risen nationwide, and a new report shows an alarming 87% spike in deaths in Texas. As of 2015, the maternal mortality rate in Texas is 32.5 per 100,000 live births,...

Health / Health-Time - 2 weeks ago

Fewer High School Students Are Having Sex

Across the U.S., the number of high school students who report having sex has dropped, according to new federal data. The report, based on a nationwide self-reported survey of high school students and published by researchers at the U.S. Centers fo...

Health / Health-Time - 2 weeks ago

Cancer Deaths Have Dropped 26% in Recent Years

Since 1991, the cancer death rate has dropped by 26%, according to the latest data from the American Cancer Society (ACS). That decline represents nearly 2.4 million lives saved from cancer. The decreasing death rate continues a downward trend in m...